When Santa Fe College approached Two-Head to create a promo for their Industrial Biotechnology Bachelors program, they wanted a video that would explain the program and interest potential students. They chose to feature one student whose passion for making a difference would speak to like-minded viewers. A contemporary soundtrack and a narrative to reinforce the program's strengths, is accompanied by unfiltered visuals of the Industrial Biotech Bachelors program. A shorter version was also edited for social media applications.

Santa Fe College - Industrial Biotechnology Bachelors program

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology called on Two-Head's knowledge and history in the surface mining industry to help them create a marketing video for their Compressor Management System. Equipped with a content outline, we guided the client through the video process and collaborated with their key engineers on the specs of the system to highlight the most important aspects that owners and operators would be interested in. Two-Head also designed the piece to comply with the style standards established by this international company.

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology - Compressor Management System

The Florida Municipal Power Agency was looking for a video company to partner with on a project for their annual meeting with stakeholders. The goal was for the current Chairman of the Board, Bill Conrad, to share his passion and dedication to public power through his own story and capture the essence of the community in which he lives that participates as part of the FMPA network. Bill eloquently expressed his beliefs and Two-Head had the daunting task of selecting the best of the best to distill his story in approximately five minutes. We featured a local resident who is on a fixed income and relies on affordable power. We also incorporated shots from in around Newberry along with aerial footage that would reflect the charm of the community.

Florida Municipal Power Agency

Introducing a new concept of concierge medicine has it's challenges. Celebrate Primary Care chose video as a way to effectively provide basic information about their health care model and came to Two-Head Video to execute their message in a professional way. The goal is to accurately reflect what people can expect while giving viewers a first hand look at the practice and get to know the healthcare providers in a non-threatening way. The entire production yielded 10 videos designed for different target audiences and included a series of Q and A videos addressing specific topics.

Celebrate Primary Care