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Original Florida Tourism Task Force

It Matters - Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience-University of Florida

This video features the research at the Sea Turtle Hospital at UF's Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience and their quest to unlock the mystery of cancerous tumors on sea turtles through genetic profiling.

This video was one in a series of videos to promote the state of Florida's Sea Turtle License Plate program. Their goals were to:

1) help people learn more about the efforts in Research, Education and Conservation

2) leave viewers thinking "Wow, the money is really being used in important ways"

3) encourage viewers to purchase the tag

4) be proud if they have purchased a tag

5) share information with others to expand awareness

We chose a documentary-style approach to profile the different grant recipients and subtly infuse the STLP information into the message.

How do you capture all the great things there are to do and feature the natural jewel that is Natural North Florida in less than four minutes? That was the challenge presented to Two-Head Video by their client, the Original Florida Tourism Task Force. The goal was to create a dynamic and unique video that would appeal to a large and diverse audience and encourage viewers to plan a visit to the region. A short deadline and finite budget made covering the 10-county area and featuring visitors enjoying the natural assets a bit of a challenge but a labor of love. The Two-Head crew re-discovered our area all over again.

Tortuguero: Epicenter of Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle Conservancy

This is the story of conservation biologist Archer Carr's efforts to save the largest nesting beach for green turtles in the Western Hemisphere in Tortuguerro, Costa Rica. He helped influence the locals and Costa Rican government to focus on protection and ecotourism and his work established what is now the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Their commitment to research, education and advocacy for sea turtles springs from the ongoing work they perform in Tortuguerro and sets the standard for Sea Turtle Conservation around the world.

A 6 min. section of the video.

Restoring the Ocklawaha

Produced in 1990 by Two-Head Video for Florida Defenders of the Environment, an environmental group established by Marjorie Carr, this video advocates for the restoration of the Ocklawaha River. Marjorie was an active environmentalist and naturalist, along with her husband, Dr. Archie Carr, known for his work in protecting sea turtles. This piece is a convincing proposal to restore the once-pristine Ocklawaha River, which was dammed up in the early 60s by the Corps of Engineers to establish a lock and canal system for cargo transportation from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. The construction was halted by President Nixon but the river was never restored. Special recognition to Bob McPeek and Tracy Collins for the original music score.

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