Trying to get teenagers to do what you want them to do is often a challenge - it’s especially hard when you are asking them to become an organ donor. LifeQuest came to Two-Head to help them increase the number of teenage students who register when they apply for their drivers license. They needed a video that would engage high school students when they visited with their message and appeal. With their client’s help, Two-Head was able to find the right families to convey this heartwarming message. The approach was to help students relate through the personal experience of a teenage girl who desperately needed an organ and the teenage girl whose wish was to make a difference for others.


When Two-Head was approached to create a series of videos to promote the state of Florida's Sea Turtle License Plate program, they had a specific goals:

1) help people learn more about the efforts in Research, Education and Conservation

2) leave viewers thinking "Wow, the money is really being used in important ways"

3) encourage viewers to purchase the tag

4) be proud if they have purchased a tag

5) share information with others to expand awareness

This video features the Florida Hawksbill Project, which implements offshore diving is an essential part of locating the juvenile turtles in their habitat, and their ability to conduct research thanks to the license plate program.

It Matters - Florida Hawksbill Project

United Way of North Central Florida wanted to highlight the safety net of services they provide. Two-Head has been partnering with them for three years to convey their message in compelling ways. For this story, we profiled the struggles of a veteran who suffered from PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and how the resources United Way provided helped him to get back on his feet, start a new life, and start his own business. The video is being used on social media, their web site, and at fund raising events for their annual campaign.

Jay’s Story - United Way

Challenged with finding an innovative way to thank two very special donors, the Harn Museum of Art relied on the help of Two-Head to create a video tailored specifically for each donor. The videos feature testimonials of individuals in front of artwork that was either gifted or loaned to the museum by the donors. The videos also weave music with visual choreography designed to resonate with them. The videos were presented in the form of videobooks (link:, which were graphically designed specifically for each donor. The entire project was conceived and coordinated by the Florida Foundation.

The Harn Museum was so thrilled with the final videos, they wanted to find a way to use the videos to promote the museum on their web site and social media. A simple re-design of the closing was all it required.

Harn Museum