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8012 FastFWD


How do we demonstrate how much faster our new model is in a dynamic and interesting way? That’s the challenge posed to Two-Head by Dynatest when they were preparing to launch their improved FastFWD at a leading trade show showcasing transportation innovation. The side-by-side comparison would take over 11 minutes, which is way too long for trade show attendees’ attention span. It had to be fun, exciting, fast and show all the features. The solution: stage the event on a racetrack, employ multiple cameras, a drone, speed the process up in post-production and add a fast-driven soundtrack. They were a trade show hit.

DCP90-UF College of Design, Construction and Planning

The UF College of Design, Construction and Planning was celebrating their 90th year and wanted an uplifting way to touch alumni and future students alike. Using the framework of a previous promotional video, Two-Head interviewed faculty and students to reinforce the proud legacy of the college in an upbeat way while containing production costs.

Celebrate Primary Care - Promo

Introducing a new concept of concierge medicine has it's challenges. Celebrate Primary Care chose video as a way to effectively provide basic information about their health care model and came to Two-Head Video to execute their message in a professional way. The goal is to accurately reflect what people can expect while giving viewers a first hand look at the practice and get to know the healthcare providers in a non-threatening way. The entire production yielded 10 videos designed for different target audiences and included a series of Q and A videos addressing specific topics.

City of Newberry

With so many other cities and towns vying for new business, the City of Newberry chose to emphasize their strength by focusing on manufacturing. Two-Head was hired to highlight all the advantages Newberry had to offer while still being true to the hometown feel and culture the city  embraces. Two-Head’s approach was a balance between shooting an active manufacturing climate and the slow-paced lifestyle Newberry offers while emphasizing the advantages of doing business there. They highlighted three dynamic companies while interspersing pristine shots of the area.

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