University of Florida’s College of Design, Construction and Planning worked with Two-Head Video to promote the School of Architecture’s graduate program. The school is charting a new path in design education with a focus on working with materials and wanted to give a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Two-Head combined documentary-style techniques with first-hand interviews to share their message in an engaging way.

The 180-degree Difference

Riding on the success of the award-winning 2016/2017 campaign to promote sales of the sea turtle specialty license plate, Sea Turtle Conservancy contracted Two-Head again to create a new series for 2017/2018. This video is the first installment, which is a departure from profiling a specific grant recipient organization. Instead, Two-Head focused on the pride turtle tag owners feels and the role they play in insuring the state of Florida has the funding necessary to help sea turtles survive.

It Matters Which Plate You Buy

The Massachusetts Bible Society needed an innovative way to promote their series of town hall-style discussions about the Bible. The goal was to encourage a wide range of people with very different perspectives to get involved and to emphasize that the event was not a form of evangelism. They chose social media as the main format for their message, which influenced the video's design and length.

Two-Head worked closely with the director and came up with the "What word do you think of" concept. They scheduled person-on-the-street interviews in downtown Boston to show different people and perspectives as well as comments from the presenters. They were also instrumental in the visual design of the marketing materials to keep the message consistent and powerful.

The Great Bible Experiment

How do you envision the future and imagine the possibilities before the museum is built? That was the challenge the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention posed to Two-Head for their 2015 Capitol Campaign. The goal was to inspire people to believe in their cause and donate. With an homage to the past, Two-Head featured children “discovering” in the lab and quoting great innovators to introduce Dr. Robert Cade (inventor of Gatorade), and make the connection that children hold the potential as future innovators through the Cade’s programs and support. The piece was driven solely by testimonial quotes, natural sound and music.

It was unveiled at the Inaugural Inventivity Bash in front of a live audience and will continue to promote their cause in social media and on their web site.

Cade Museum of Creativity and Invention Fund Raising Campaign