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Trying to get teenagers to do what you want them to do is often a challenge - it’s especially hard when you are asking them to become an organ donor. LifeQuest came to Two-Head to help them increase the number of teenage students who register when they apply for their drivers license. They needed a video that would engage high school students when they visited with their message and appeal. With their client’s help, Two-Head was able to find the right families to convey this heartwarming message. The approach was to help students relate through the personal experience of a teenage girl who desperately needed an organ and the teenage girl whose wish was to make a difference for others.


Cade Museum of Creativity and Invention Fund Raising Campaign

Change Lives Here

United Way of North Central Florida

How do you envision the future and imagine the possibilities before the museum is built? That was the challenge the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention posed to Two-Head for their 2015 Capitol Campaign. The goal was to inspire people to believe in their cause and donate. With an homage to the past, Two-Head featured children “discovering” in the lab and quoting great innovators to introduce Dr. Robert Cade (inventor of Gatorade), and make the connection that children hold the potential as future innovators through the Cade’s programs and support. The piece was driven solely by testimonial quotes, natural sound and music.

It was unveiled at the Inaugural Inventivity Bash in front of a live audience and will continue to promote their cause in social media and on their web site.

The United Way of North Central Florida wanted to put a human face on the agencies that receive funds from the organization. The goal was to emotionally involve viewers to get involved and donate to support the many causes United Way helps to fund. Two-Head collaborated with them to identify three individuals and their families who had benefited from several United Way agencies. They interviewed and followed the families through their day, and married their quotes with a compelling musical soundtrack that tied all three together in a powerful way. The result is a moving portrayal of these parents and their love and commitment to their children to create a better life.

Harn Museum of Art

University of Florida

Challenged with finding an innovative way to thank two very special donors, the Harn Museum of Art relied on the help of Two-Head to create a video tailored specifically for each donor. The videos feature testimonials of individuals in front of artwork that was either gifted or loaned to the museum by the donors. The videos also weave music with visual choreography designed to resonate with them. The videos were presented in the form of videobooks (link:, which were graphically designed specifically for each donor. The entire project was conceived and coordinated by the Florida Foundation.

The Harn Museum was so thrilled with the final videos, they wanted to find a way to use the videos to promote the museum on their web site and social media. A simple re-design of the closing was all it required.

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