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AcuDriver® Automated Osteotome System


Two-Head has worked with medical manufacturer, Exactech since 1985

by providing surgical and marketing video support and editing. When they chose to provide users with a video tutorial for the operation, cleaning and maintenance of their AcuDriver Automated Osteotome System, they called on us once again. This excerpt from the instructional video demonstrates the straightforward approach, which required thorough knowledge of the equipment and operation, scripting, production planning, video shooting and editing and revisions based on compliance with regulatory standards.


In Vitro Fertilization

UF Health at Springhill

The special work being done by the doctors and staff at the clinic is now supported by a new informational video. The group once again called Two-Head Video, who created the original program over 10 years ago. The new version features testimonials from couples who have participated in the IVF program, encouraging viewers who are curious about or just embarking on the process of in vitro fertilization. It also walks viewers through the sometimes complicated process in an easy-to-understand fashion.

GPS® Guided Personalized Surgery


Haven Hospice Clinical Referral

Medical manufacturer, Exactech engineers innovative solutions for hip, knee shoulder and spine surgery and has relied on Two-Head since 1985 to provide OR and surgical video support for marketing, operative technique and educational purposes. Exactech called on us to introduce their innovative GPS® Guided Personalized Surgery technology, which provides real-time visual guidance and alignment

data in total knee surgery. This project required shooting and editing day-in-the-life and interview footage with the surgeon as well as a three-camera shoot of multiple procedures in the OR and capturing a real time feed of the screen output of the GPS system. This an excerpt of the edited 30 minute video.

Two-Head has logged hundreds of hours in the OR, understands

the unique requirements of shooting in a sterile environment and

keeps current health clearances updated.


Haven Hospice worked with Two-Head to create an easy to view video for clinical professionals to learn about Haven's philosophy of care and services. The goal was to encourage these health professionals to refer their patients and families to Haven to make their remaining time a celebration while remaining comfortable and pain free. Two-Head used footage and information they created for a family-focused video to cost effectively create the video.

Kidney Transplant Program


Shands at UF (Now UFHealth) was faced with the challenge of preparing potential kidney transplant recipients with information on what they could expect. A video proved to be the perfect medium since it could be viewed during dialysis and at home with loved ones and caregivers. Two-Head crafted stories from interviews with donor recipients to convey information in a compelling and relevant way and coordinated the entire production including research, concept, scripting, shooting, editing, music and graphics. The project has been instrumental in preparing transplant recipients with thousands of copies being distributed.

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