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It Matters - Florida Hawksbill Project

When Two-Head was approached to create a series of videos to promote the state of Florida's Sea Turtle License Plate program, they had a specific goals:

1) help people learn more about the efforts in Research, Education and Conservation

2) leave viewers thinking "Wow, the money is really being used in important ways"

3) encourage viewers to purchase the tag

4) be proud if they have purchased a tag

5) share information with others to expand awareness

We chose a documentary-style approach to profile the different grant recipients and subtly infuse the STLP information into the message.

This video features the Florida Hawksbill Project and their ability to conduct research thanks to the license plate program.

The Great Bible Experiment

The Massachusetts Bible Society needed an innovative way to promote their series of town hall-style discussions about the Bible. The goal was to encourage a wide range of people with very different perspectives to get involved and to emphasize that the event was not a form of evangelism. They chose social media as the main format for their message, which influenced the video's design and length.

Two-Head worked closely with the director and came up with the "What word do you think of" concept. They scheduled person-on-the-street interviews in downtown Boston to show different people and perspectives as well as comments from the presenters. They were also instrumental in the visual design of the marketing materials to keep the message consistent and powerful.

Early Childhood Home Visiting Program

When WellFlorida Council and Healthy Start of North Central Florida embarked on a campaign to attract young, new parents and encourage them to sign up for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program they chose Two-Head to create the video for their social campaign. Their main goal was to help overcome new parents' concerns of having someone they didn't know come into their home. They also wanted to emphasize the benefits from participating in the program.

Two-Head chose to help young parents see themselves in the video by featuring several parents expressing how they felt before enrolling in the program and the difference it has made. They also captured quotes from the parent educators so prospective parents could get a sense of what to expect and added a young, relatable female narrator to fill in program details.


Innovation Gainesville (IG)

Innovation Gainesville (IG) was looking for a way to share the three key values of our community; innovation, education and quality of life. They teamed up with Two-Head to make a video that was outside the box and reflected the spirit and culture they have worked so hard to create. MaryBeth and DJ started by finding inspiration in a musical theme. Then they combined footage from their extensive archive and called on the support of local videographers and businesses to provide additional visual elements for the piece. The result is #ExperienceGNV, a dynamic visual celebration of our community.

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