We are Two-Head Video

Video is our specialty

We don’t create web sites, develop social media, or coordinate live events but we do

integrate our work into these formats and understand the unique challenges of each.


We understand human behavior and apply it to our work

We apply our knowledge of how people think, learn and emotionally respond

We understand what motivates and drives people

We understand how the medium can be employed for emotional impact


We take personal ownership

We have high ethical standards

Honesty and integrity govern our choices

DJ and Mary Beth Head have their hand in every part of the process

Our business model allows us to call on the right crew and resources for each project


We value transparency

Our production style focuses on the real, unfiltered story so viewers get a behind-the-scenes

glimpse into the subject. What you see on the screen is honest and real - just like our

relationship with our clients.


As a husband and wife team, our business and lifestyle blend together.

You’ll find our production oasis nestled on our 6.5 acre homestead just 15 minutes west of I-75.

Without question, our greatest productions to date are our four children.


MaryBeth Head

Writer | Director | Editor

As Producer/Director, MaryBeth is the key contact with clients. She oversees all phases of production and monitors budget concerns and deadlines. She is intimately involved in creative collaboration, shooting and editing. She applies her marketing background and experience to each project and with over 30 years in the industry, she has a reputation for finishing projects on time and on budget.

MaryBeth also enjoys gardening, exercising, and playing with her dogs Luna and Gemma. One of her bucket list items is to do stand-up comedy one day.


DJ Head, Jr.

Director of Photography

With over 30 years in the business as Director of Photography and Production Supervisor, DJ oversees each shoot, and all other technical aspects of the production process. His knowledge and experience in

a variety of challenging shooting applications contributes to his ability to foresee problems before they occur and efficiently troubleshoot those that happen on set and in the field.

DJ's other interests include music, singing, world events, astronomy, self-sustainability and researching the history of clogs

(and wearing them).

Two-Head Video, Inc. 2016

Gainesville/Archer, FL: 352-372-5625/352-495-6720    twohead@two-head.com