Your Production Partner

We approach each project by first understanding your goals. On every single project, we become students of your business and your market to better understand your challenges and your needs. We apply our understanding of adult learning and human behavior to help you:

  • promote your business or organization
  • market your product or service
  • educate your workforce
  • move your audience to action
  • stimulate participation and drive financial donations
  • create conversation and social media buzz

Full Service

We orchestrate every detail to give you the best outcome possible. We coordinate and provide concept, creative, script, talent, crew, music, graphic elements, shooting and editing - everything necessary to create an effective, first-rate program.


We have a comprehensive database of resources and talent from which to draw and match those resources based on the needs of your project.


We will take you through a step-by-step process to meet your goals on budget and on time. First, we determine:

-what you want to achieve with your video

-what mediums you will use to convey your message

-who your audience is


These three crucial elements form the road map to help you get the results you expect. Then we craft a concept based on your budget and your goals.


We help you re-purpose your video assets into other video messaging to give you a greater return on your investment.  And we do whatever possible to make your program one that will be usable and relevant well into the future.

We Produce Results

View our demo and examples of our work. Our videos help your audience understand, emotionally respond, and move to action. Our clients will attest to that and we are happy to provide references.

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Gainesville/Archer, FL: 352-372-5625/352-495-6720